Natural Forces

The power of our Earth is AWESOME! We are insignificant when facing these.

In August 2011 we had a 'tsunami' effect for four days
[there was seismic activity near to Vanuatu in the Western Pacific &
also near to Chile in the Eastern Pacific ~ we were  in the middle].
The noise of the waves was deafening ...

 How it usually is at low water ~ a big difference!

Natural or anthropogenic?

It's hard to say if these are natural events, or if they result from our activities. Twice in 2012 we had these 'green tides' in our lagoon.

They are some type of algal 'bloom' [tiny plants] ~ but they stop light getting to the seafloor, which affects other life-forms; some are toxic.

They could be triggered by pollution: too many nutrients entering
the oceans (e.g. fertilisers, sewage, persistent chemicals).

  Seems like a problem! Our food comes from here.

  The pollution came from somewhere else ~ we don't farm!