THE NORTHERN ATOLLS ~ Our Outer Islands are very remote indeed; perhaps we only get a ship once or twice a year.
Life is usually subsistence-based ... we forage for food ~ that means we try and take care of our environment: especially the ocean
that provides us with fish.

We like to use local teams on each atoll to undertake research ~ this is a great way of solving the transport problem.

Since 2009 our researchers have visited nine of the fifteen Cook Islands: ~
we conducted initial surveys and are now in the second phase of gathering baseline information. Our third phase has also started, which is to establish local monitoring teams on each atoll: we have
wide support for this approach; from the Prime Minister's Office, National Government departments, Island Councils and local communities.

        "Meitaki Poria"

We currently have three turtle projects with local community participation: Palmerston Atoll, Rakahanga Atoll, and Tongareva AtollEach one is different, but the common threads are sustainability and environmental harmony. [Click the pix!]

These beautiful photos are courtesy of Ewan Smith (Air Rarotonga) ::: step through and enjoy!