Education is an integral part of Honu's work: we interact at all levels of society: within the education system and at community level.
Youngsters enjoy games and stories; the senior students learn biology and conservation approaches; the fishermen are interested in a healthy ocean; and the grandparents have many tales to tell ~ & really appreciate our scientific explanations for what they always knew!

Above: Dr White teaching the Seniors at Rakahanga School.
Below: Infants at Palmerston 'Lucky' School with their posters. This was
 a class by Jason Green (Head of Art at Tereora College).

 Our local teams participate in community presentations ~ this is great for a sustainable future & also shows the community how their children have progressed: knowledgeable and aware

Munokoa &Tokoteru presenting a turtle article written for the NZ School Journal (Rakahanga presentation).

Local languages are used to clarify terminology